It’s common knowledge that a dentist appointment is not most people’s idea of an enjoyable start to the day. While the professionals at The Dental Practice of Daniel M. Bade, DDS make all dental procedures as comfortable as possible, there are some procedures that are a bit painful. Below is a list of dental procedures that you want to avoid needing and some strategies to reduce the pain if you do.

Dental implants

Sometimes people lose teeth playing sports or due to injury or disease. Dental implantation surgery is the best way to get your smile looking healthy again. Every patient responds differently to the pain of surgery, but the best way to manage the pain is by taking any pain medication prescribed by your dentist, keeping the area cold with an ice pack, and eating only soft foods.

Dental fillings

This is one of the most common dental procedures. Patients don’t usually experience much pain during the procedure, but afterward some patients are left with teeth sensitivity. The sensitivity will go away with time, but it is usually experienced due to pressure, sweet foods, temperature, and air. All of which should be avoided for a week or so after a filling.

Root canal

Perhaps the most dreaded dental procedure of all; this procedure becomes necessary when decay has damaged or killed a tooth and the dentist needs to remove the pulp from the center of the tooth to then fill the pulp cavity. After this procedure, pain medication is almost always necessary.

The best way to avoid these treatments is to be proactive about your oral treatment. Brush and floss everyday and consult the professionals at Daniel Bade if you have any questions about the best oral practices.