A common misconception in oral care is that baby teeth don’t matter, because they just fall out. The truth is that as soon as a child’s first tooth appears they can develop cavities or mouth injuries. Additionally, baby teeth create the pathway for permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are growing under the gums so if a baby tooth is lost too early the permanent teeth can grow in crooked or crowded. The ADA calls baby teeth “nature’s braces.”

When should my child see a Dentist?

A child’s first dentist appointment should be after his or her first tooth comes in, but no later than his or her first birthday. It’s important to seek dental health early, because as soon as a child develops teeth they can develop cavities. During the visit the dentist will:

  • Allow your child to sit on your lap, while you sit in the dental chair
  • Check for mouth injuries, cavities, or other issues
  • Clean your child’s teeth and give tips for daily care

Call today for your child’s first dentist appointment

For more information on your child’s first dentist appointment or on proper treatment of your child’s teeth call the offices of Daniel M. Bade DDS at 219.931.3235. It is important to look after your child’s teeth early so that they can have a healthy adult smile later. Learn more about dentistry for children on our Pediatric Dentistry page.