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TMJOrofacial Pain



Dr. Daniel Bade specializes in the treatment of TMJ disorders and orofacial pain. Help find relief at our office with a soothing atmosphere and friendly, professional staff. Read below for more information about TMJ disorders and treatments and call our offices today for a consultation if you have TMJ related symptoms or disorders or are looking for a new kind of dental experience.

Do you have TMJ? TMJ Symptoms can vary and include all or some of the symptoms below
(REMEMBER: It is best to leave medical diagnosis and treatment to a properly trained professional.)
If you have one or more of the primary symptoms occurring persistently please seek medical advice. Dr. Bade and his staff are always happy to answer questions. Please go to our contact page and email or call us!
Primary Symptoms:

  • Pain in the TM Joints associated with jaw movements
  • Intermittent jaw locking episodes
  • Limited range of jaw motion
  • A sense of constant jaw muscle fatigue
  • Constant noises in the TM Joint (clicking, snapping, crunching, etc.)

Secondary Symptoms:

  • Ear aches and pains not associated with infection or other medical problems
  • A sense of fullness in the ears or ringing sounds in the ear not associated with other medical problems
  • Frequent headaches and neck and shoulder pain


What is TMJ?

TMJ refers to the joint and muscles that connect the lower jaw to the skull just under your ear. The TMJ is comprised of muscles, blood supplies, nerves and bones, and we each have two (one on each side). The TMJ is one of your most used joints, you use it to swallow, chew, talk, and even make facial expressions. TMJ diseases and disorders sometimes referred to as just “TMJ” can be characterized as pain in the jaw as well as restrictions on jaw mobility. A thorough evaluation including medical history, description of symptoms, and a physical examination are required to properly diagnosis the specific TMJ problem.


TMJ Treatments

There is no cure for TMJ disorders but with such treatment, symptoms such as pain, can be controlled. Treatment for TMJ can vary depending on the specific cause; treatments can range from stress management to orthotic implants.
As with any joint pain or injury the sooner you contact a TMJ Specialist like Dr. Bade the better as the problems can be degenerative! The best course of action is to call us as soon as you experience all or most of symptoms listed below.