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Everyone snores occasionally. However, if it becomes frequent, it can be bothersome. After all, who would want to disturb their sweet sleep or their family members' peace? So, let's dig deep into what snoring is and how can we prevent snoring without opting for surgical treatments! Hence, keep reading ahead and enhance the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Prevent Snoring: What is the cause of snoring?

So, before we discuss the prevention and cure of snoring, let us shed some light on the fundamental questions. Hence, what is snoring, and what causes it? Well, it is the grunting or snorting sounds one makes while sleeping. But you may question; what causes it? It occurs when you are unable to move the air without any obstruction, via your throat and nose during sleep. Thus, as a result, the surrounding tissues vibrate and produce a snorting sound. Besides, the tongue can also take its toll in the way of easy breathing-- its position matters a lot. Here is a fact: people who snore frequently have more nasal, and throat tissues and these are more prone to vibrate!

Prevent snoring: Are there other reasons for snoring?

So, before we go to the treatment, let us understand entirely it. Are there some common causes of snoring? Well, yes! Below is the list of the reasons for this problem.
1) Being obese or out of shape
While this may sound surprising, but yes! Your weight can cause snoring. Being overweight is the root of many diseases, and one of them is it leads to excess snoring. Mostly, the excess weight around your neck or throat causes it. This is because the poor muscle tone and fatty tissues play a significant part in contributing to the grunting sounds while you are asleep.
2) Your age
Yes, age is just not a number when it comes to your health. Some medical problems do get more common when you enter your middle age phase. Likewise, when you reach middle age and elderly stage, your throat becomes narrow. Guess what? Even your throat muscle tone decreases. Hence, it is common to snore when you reach middle-age or beyond.
3) Sinus and Nasal issues
Well, this is obvious. Nasal and sinus issues directly impact your throat and breathing. Hence, it makes you snore.
4) Medication, alcohol, and smoking.
Frequent use of alcohol or cigarettes causes many medical problems. One such is nasal congestion, and thus, it leads to snoring.
5) Sleep Position
Well, this may come as a surprise, but our sleep position matters a lot! It can prevent many medical problems. If you sleep flat on your back, it can cause trouble. This is because the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airways. Hence, it leads to the grunting sound while you sleep

Snoring: Why should you prevent snoring?

There is a significant problem that prevails in our society. If we do not find a thing of urgency, we usually pay no heed to it. While snoring might not be fatal or too severe, it still should be taken care of. This is because snoring is even the precursor of sleep apnea! Besides, it can impact the quality and quantity of your sleep. Hence, it can ultimately affect your entire body, as sleep is vital for your well being. Emotionally, it can affect relations, as snoring could be annoying for the family members as well. So, preventing snoring should undoubtedly be taken into account! The best part is, an expert dentist could even help you out in solving this issue. Hence, stay in contact with the skilled Dr Bade DDS in Hammond In and prevent snoring now!
Besides, keep reading ahead to know the measures you can take to overcome this issue.

What are ways to prevent snoring?

There are many paths you could opt for to overcome this issue. You could even go for surgical treatment; however, it is always better to treat it through natural methods. So let us discuss a few essential ways you could use to prevent the snorting voices while you sleep. After all, your sleep matters a lot!

Simple bedtime strategies to prevent snoring

Well, there are many methods which you can opt for and overcome snoring.
1) Change your sleep position
As laying flat on your back can provoke snoring, it is not advisable to sleep that way. Besides, an elevated position can undoubtedly help you out. By elevating your head 4 inches, your breathing could be eased. This also encourages your jaw and tongue to move forward. The best part is, there are specialized pillows available for this purpose. You can use them to adapt to a beneficial sleeping position quickly. Happy sleeping!
2) Use of an anti-snoring mouth appliance
The good part is, there are many over the counter treatments for the snorting sounds. These anti-snoring appliances resemble an athlete's mouth guard! These assist in opening up your airways, and hence, prevent snoring. Your dentist can help you out with these appliances.
3) Make sure your bedroom air is moist
Swollen nasal tissues can also be a problem. The dry air can worsen the problem by irritating the membranes of the nose and throat. Hence, a humidifier can come to the rescue. It helps to keep the air moist and therefore, prevents snoring.
4) Clear out your nasal passage
This is important. If you have sinus or the common cold, you should certainly consider this step. Nasal strips can also be beneficial. Besides, you can even use nasal decongestant and have a quality of sleep!

How to prevent snoring with lifestyle changes

Well, apart from the simple remedies before bedtime, your lifestyle can impact breathing as well. Here are a few tips to overcome this issue with minor modifications.
1. You should quit smoking
This is vital. Smoking causes many medical issues and impacts the respiratory system to a great extent. Hence, you should quit smoking and improve your health
2. Track your weight
Obesity can cause snoring, as discussed earlier. Therefore, losing weight and having a healthy BMI can undoubtedly help overcome this issue.
3. Avoid sedatives and sleeping medications
Try finding an alternative to sleeping pills and ease yourself. This is because these medications relax your muscles in the throat and interfere with breathing. You can try out exercising before your bedtime to sleep well. This will also assist in sleeping without mediations.
Keep track of what you eat before your bedtime
4. Eating habits matter a lot.
It is advisable to eat less before you sleep. This is vital because having a large meal could even worsen snoring! Besides, soymilk before bedtime can also enhance snoring.

Other Treatments to prevent snoring

Apart from the home remedies and lifestyle changes, various medical treatments can help you overcome snoring. Below is the list of few treatments
CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This assists to keep snoring at bay. You wear a mask over your nose or face, and a machine at your bedside send in the pressurized air into the mask. Fortunately, this proves very beneficial for preventing nasal congestion and eases breathing.
Besides this, you can use palatal implants, laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty and somnoplasty. Likewise, there are many other ways to overcome this issue! Even your dentist can aid to prevent snoring. Hence, book your appointment today with the expert Dr Bade DDS of Hammond In!

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