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Managing deciduous dentition (children’s teeth) is important to maintain normal eruption of adult teeth. Developing healthy friendly relationships with your child leads to lifelong better overall health. Dealing with fears and anxiety is important in overall care. Many behavioral options are available to treat these young patients including nitrous oxide and treatment under general anesthetic in the hospital. Our staff has been trained to deliver treatment in the most calming manner. Our goal is to deliver necessary treatment in the utmost gentle manner. A healthy smile is important for self esteem as well as your child’s general health.

Baby Teeth

  • The primary, or ‘Baby”, teeth play a crucial role in dental development.

  • Primary teeth are important for several reasons. Foremost, good teeth allow a child to eat and maintain good nutrition. Healthy teeth allow for clear pronunciation and speech habits.

  • Without baby teeth, a child cannot chew food properly and has difficulty speaking clearly.

  • Since baby teeth guide the permanent teeth into place, infants with missing baby teeth, or children who lose baby teeth prematurely may require a space maintainer, a device used to hold the natural space for the permanent teeth.

  • The self image that healthy teeth give a child is immeasurable.

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