Hospital Dentistry For Children With Special Needs

Why Children May Need to Have Dental Work Done in a Hospital

While most children can get work done at a dental office, some may be overly active or anxious. If that’s the case with your child, he or she could benefit from hospital dentistry. If your child has certain issues with behavior or is considered to be special needs, it can be difficult for him or her to receive dental care at a regular office. And a children’s hospital pediatric dentist can put your child to sleep through general anesthesia so work can be done without any problems.


Definition of Hospital Dentistry

There are many areas of hospital dentistry, and it includes every type of oral surgery as well as certain orthodontic procedures. It also includes a type of pediatric dentistry that covers patients with various facial or dental abnormalities, and it can help children who have special needs. People who practice hospital dentistry have training in many aspects of the field, but they also have special skills that involve the care of children – especially if it needs to be done in a hospital setting. This is the hospital dentistry definition, and it can be beneficial to certain patients.


Who Can Benefit from Hospital Dentistry

Hospital dentistry programs can be beneficial for children with the following conditions:
• More complicated medical issues
• Severe anxiety
• Autism
• Cerebral palsy
• Down syndrome
• Any behavioral disorder
• Mobility problems
• Any other special needs
Doing dental work in a hospital setting can make it easier for a pediatric dentist to do what needs to be done so he or she can keep your child’s teeth healthy.
When children are treated in a hospital setting, they’ll be more relaxed because they’ll be sedated, and they won’t experience any pain. The advantage of a children’s hospital pediatric dentist is that it can keep your child free from stress so he or she won’t remember what happened during the visit, and a hospital with dentist near me will save a great deal of time. If children need sedation due to certain special needs, getting a dentist referral to hospital can make it easier to get the care they need.


Why It’s Important for Children to Receive Dental Care

The most common chronic illness among children is tooth decay. They’re five times more likely to get it than asthma, and it’s seven times more likely than hay fever. Studies have shown that 28% of preschool children have cavities, and an average of 51 million school hours are lost because of a dental-related issue. It’s recommended that children get their first dental checkup when they’re one year old, but some of them aren’t able to handle the anxiety that may come from a regular dental visit.
Regardless of your child’s needs, he or she may benefit from hospital dentistry programs. A regular dental visit for a child with special needs may lead to many appointments that can last much longer than average, but hospital dentistry can allow your dentist to do what he or she needs to do in a much shorter amount of time. By keeping your child sedated, you won’t have to schedule many appointments to complete one simple task. But finding a hospital dentist near me will allow you do it in one visit.

Common Types of Hospital Dentistry Sedation Techniques

There are three common types of sedation techniques for hospital dentistry:
Analgesics – Also called “pain relievers,” they’re used for small amounts of discomfort. And they’re usually prescribed after the procedure has been completed.
Anesthetics – They can either be topically applied, or they can be injected or swallowed. Dentists will typically apply it to the place on which they plan to work, and it will numb the area so the patient doesn’t feel pain.
Sedatives – Medications that are meant to help the patient relax, and it can also be great for avoiding any kind of pain. They’re sometimes used with other types of pain relievers or pain-killers. And while it numbs any discomfort, the patient will be conscious during the procedure.
Whether you’re at a regular office or want to get a dentist referral to hospital, one of them can benefit your child while work is being done.

Other Hospital Dentistry Options That Can Benefit Your Child

If you prefer not to completely sedate your child, there are other options that may be beneficial. It can keep your child relaxed during the procedure, and it won’t put him or her completely under. Many people are afraid of going to the dentist, but children with special needs may not understand what’s going on. They may also feel more anxiety than most children.
There are a number of sedation techniques that can keep children more relaxed during an exam, and there are many that will keep them conscious during the procedure. Patients won’t remember the exam in most cases, but they’ll be able to respond to voices and keep control of their faculties. A children’s hospital pediatric dentist will be able to determine if it’s a viable option, and he or she will be able to come up with a solution that will benefit your child.

Expert Hospital Dentistry with Bade DDS

If you want an expert in hospital dentistry, Bade DDS is your best choice in Hammond, IN. We have years of experience in general and pediatric dentistry, and we can work with any child regardless of his or her special needs. We know that some children may have issues with going to the dentist, and we can help them to get the dental care that they need without causing them any undue stress.
Every child is special, but some have more needs than others, which is why we want you and your child to feel safe. Dental care is important for any child, but you don’t want to waste time and money on multiple visits that can last for hours. That’s why Bade DDS offers a special touch that can make children feel safe, even if they have more issues than most.
If you want to find a hospital with dentist near me that can help your child get the care that he or she needs, get in touch with us today!