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The best way to ensure healthy growth is to begin healthy habits at an early age. The risks of not doing in regards to your oral health can be severe. Mouth injuries with baby teeth can affect the development of a child’s jaw. A childs eating and speaking ability can be negatively impacted. Poor habits early on can put a child’s teeth at risk for chips and fractures later in life. With this in mind, below are several practices to begin oral health care early.

Avoid Thumb sucking

Nearly everyone has gone through a thumbsucking phase at some point in their lives. While the practice of sucking one’s thumb is not harmful in and of itself, the intensity of the practice can be. A child who aggressively sucks their thumb puts themselves at risk for improper tooth alignment.

Thumb sucking is usually indicative of anxiety, so the best way to remedy the problem is to give your child comfort in other ways.

  • Praise your child for not sucking their thumb
  • Focus on the cause of anxiety
  • Consult the Dental Office of Daniel M. Bade DDS

Develop a Routine

As a parent, you can make oral health a habit by supervising and reinforcing proper healthcare for the first twelve years of child’s life. For children under two, parents should re-brush a child’s teeth in the hard-to-reach places after children have brushed their teeth on their own. By setting specific tooth brushing times, children will develop sensory motor skills to make oral health something they want to do. Parents can also teach their children proper tooth brushing techniques and the correct amount of toothpaste to use.

See a Dentist Every Six Months

America’s Pediatric Dentists recommend children see a dentist every six months. The Dental Office of Daniel M. Bade DDS will help work with you to develop a workable schedule to ensure proper development of your child’s oral health. Dr. Bade and his associates can also provide suggestions to remedy problems like thumb sucking or teeth grinding. Call today to ensure that your child’s smile stays safe 219.931.3235.

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