Ever woken up with a splitting headache and an aching jaw? If so, you may be a part of the 10-15% of Americans who grind their teeth. Grinding your teeth could be the result of stress, caffeine, a sleeping disorder, or one of several other conditions. Grinding your teeth puts you at risk for loosening and even losing teeth. This can result in root canals, implants, and in some cases dentures.

The bigger question isn’t do you grind your teeth, it’s how do you stop. If stress is the cause of your teeth grinding then the professionals at Daniel Bade DDS can talk to you about techniques to relax your jaw. Other strategies are:

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  • Do not chew pens, pencils or anything that is not food.
  • Hold a warm washcloth against your cheeks to relax your jaw.

If you have other questions about how to avoid teeth grinding call the offices of Daniel Bade DDS today at 219-913-3235 to schedule an appointment today. The dentist can talk to you about safe and affordable ways to take care of your teeth.