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Preventive Dentistry: Prevention is always better than a cure!

So, did you ever have any nightmares where your teeth rot and fall out? Forgot to brush your teeth before going to bed today? If you keep on doing this, your nightmares may turn into a reality! After all, not taking care of oral hygiene always has severe consequences. Also, not managing your teeth can make loads of unnecessary money flow out of your pocket. But, we will tell you how to evade the entire matter by using preventive dentistry!

Who helps you with preventive dental care?

Preventive dentistry is something that you can do on your own easily. After all, it does not require any special skills, and you only need to visit your friendly dentist (as we at the Bade DDS hope you do!). Besides, visiting the dentist is solely based on your oral hygiene habits and other medical conditions that you may suffer from. There are no set rules to when you should go for a visit, but twice a year would be beneficial for you. Moreover, a dentist can assist you in seeing nooks and crannies in the mouth which would otherwise not be visible. So, hurry now and set a date with the dentist!


What is preventive dentistry?

This is the act of regularly caring for your teeth and gums while scheduling regular dental visits to get advice from a professional. Thus, it focuses on continuous cleaning and maintenance of the mouth to avoid cavities and tooth decay.

The purpose of preventive dentistry to avoid the hoards of money outflow from your pockets. Furthermore, this dental care stops an early onset of disease and maintain healthy teeth, which in the long run is favorable to you!

Poor dental preventive care lead to diseases that could easily be avoided by simple methods like flossing and brushing. Therefore, if you do not want your teeth to fall out by the age of forty, start brushing now!

Preventive Dentistry: Dental prevention beneficiaries.

Dental prevention techniques are for everyone. After all,  age does not matter here! Guess what? With it, you can avoid a range of health issues like cancer and yeast infections.

This is even important for people without teeth! Preventive dental strategies can help figure out problems that may not be so apparent.

Preventive Dentistry: How to manage dental preventive care?

Now, what strategies are involved here? Preventive dentistry is not rocket science. It includes the following:

  1. DIY methods.
  • Brushing and Flossing.

First and foremost, be sure to brush and floss after every meal of the day or at least two times a day. This prevents the build-up of food material and microbes in the mouth.

  • Effective toothpaste.

Use a toothpaste that fortifies the teeth. A fluoride-based toothpaste can do wonders for you. Bonus: decreases the chance of tooth decay!

As well as that, you may use a mouth wash to remove some of the bacteria in the mouth as well!

  • Healthy and balanced diet.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet with tons of green vegetable and fruits will provide the nutrition your teeth need. Furthermore, taking in fizzy drinks and other acidic and sugary food can damage the teeth enamel and dissolve it. It also tends to weaken the gums and cause them to bleed. Avoiding these foods is advisable.

  1. Regular Cleanings.

Routinely dental visits with detailed examinations are beneficial for your oral health. A professional can help figure out any oral health-related issues that might be bothering you and recommend regular cleanings. So, regular cleanings will remove are effective preventive dentistry methods to eliminate potential problems.

  1. No smoking and alcohol usage.

Daily smoking and alcohol drinking habits tend to generate plaque, yellow teeth, dehydration in the mouth along with gum related disorders. People who smoke are highly susceptible to mouth cancers as well! So, preventive dental care also means giving up on these two.

  1. Awareness.

Finally, most people are not aware of practical preventive dentistry strategies and management. This is important because without knowing what you are up against, it is not possible to prevent it! Bade DDS as your dentists will provide you with a full overview of how to manage your preventive dental care and maintain your oral hygiene.

Preventive dentistry: Advantages of dentistry preventive methods.
  • Early detection of issues.
  • Overall healthy body.
  • Avoid expensive treatments and medicines.
  • Avoid bad breath.
Preventive dentistry: Consequences of ineffective dental preventive strategies.
  • Hordes of health-related issues like heart diseases, memory problems, lung infections, and diabetic problems.
  • Poor dental prevention techniques can cause gums to bleed. This causes microbes to enter the bloodstream and create a variety of infections.
  • Inflammation of the gums prevents the body to produce hormones to control the sugar level of the bloodstream. Furthermore, high sugar levels in the blood make inflammation worse! Thus, good oral hygiene practices help manage your diabetes.


There you have it, folks! See how easy it is to use some preventive dentistry to fix your teeth problems. What are you waiting for? Start brushing now and book an appointment with your neighborly dentist at the Bade DDS now!